Wrongful Death Attorney Houston

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A wrongful death claim is valid when an individual or organization may legally be accountable for a fatality. This often occurs due to grave negligence. Civil litigation, rather than criminal is the method through which the court systems process a wrongful death claim.

The wrongful death attorneys in Houston with the diligence to get you and your family the fair compensation you deserve after the traumatic suffering of a wrongful death are located at The Cartwright Law Firm.

Give these experienced legal professionals a call at (713) 840-0950 to receive compassionate legal representation that understands the sensitive nature of a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful Death Challenges

The senseless tragedy of the loss of a loved one to a wrongful death created by the negligence of others creates many challenges in the life of surviving family members.

Family member’s lives are dramatically altered as they are left behind to heal from their family member’s unnatural death. Emotional grief and suffering is a natural part of this unfortunate experience for loved ones. Suddenly without any means of financial support are those who were provided for financially by the victim of a wrongful death. Hospital bills, funeral and burial expenses, insurance claims and other varied expenses all come to haunt the familial victims of a wrongful death.

Protection is, however, available to cope with the struggles involved in the loss of a loved one to negligence. 

Legal Representation

The Cartwright Law Firm is the experienced law firm that has been successfully defending the rights of individuals with wrongful death claims since 1983 delivers legal representation for the civil litigation necessary to aid victimized families.

Contact a wrongful death attorney in Houston at The Cartwright Law Firm today by calling (713) 840-0950. We are fully equipped and ready to provide you with the support you need in coping with the aftermath of this tragic loss.

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