Personal Injury Lawsuit Ends, Jury Awards $5 Million to Drunk Driving Accident Victim

Posted on: June 6th, 2015 by admin No Comments

A drunk driving accident can result in an establishment as well the drunk driver being found liable in a personal injury lawsuit, as demonstrated by a hefty court order recently announced.

An Essex Superior Court jury ordered 99 Restaurant chain and the convicted drunk driver who was served by that establishment to pay $5 million in personal injury damages and interest to drunk driving accident victim Laurie Clifford of Quincy, Massachusetts. Clifford suffered the loss of an arm during the 2003 drunk driving accident.

According to the jury’s findings in this personal injury lawsuit, the North Andover Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub served an off duty employee drinks equaling eleven 12-ounce beers. That employee, David Kvinlaug, later drove the car in which Clifford and another person were passengers. Clifford’s right arm was almost completely severed in the car crash and later had to be amputated.

The jury verdict ordered the restaurant chain and Kvinlaug to pay $3.2 million in personal injury damages and $1.8 million in interest. After pleading guilty to the drunk driving charge, Kvinlaug served 90 days in jail.