Mesothelioma Lawsuit Jury Awards $3.6 Million to Victim of Second-Hand Asbestos Exposure

Posted on: June 6th, 2015 by admin No Comments

A Mesothelioma lawsuit ends with a $3.6 million jury verdict awarded to a victim whose terminal illness was caused by second-hand asbestos exposure. A Florida jury found Ford Motor Company responsible for the 57-year-old woman’s asbestos-related illness.

Plaintiff Lynda Daly, diagnosed with Mesothelioma last year, said asbestos-filled brakes at a Wisconsin Ford dealership where she worked in the 1970s caused her disease. Although she also could have ingested the asbestos at home, where her husband performed brake repairs, her husband, who was in direct contact with the asbestos-filled brakes, did not suffer asbestos-related complications.

Mrs. Daly is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for the asbestos-related Mesothelioma, an illness that usually results in death within two years of diagnosis.

Florida attorney Juan Bauta represented the family in the personal injury Mesothelioma lawsuit. An appeal of the case and jury verdict is expected.

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