Fire Damage

Has Your Home Or Business Been Damaged In A Fire?
Has The Insurance Company Denied Your Claim Or Undervalued The Damage?

A fire is among one of the most devastating events that can effect an individual, a business owner or family. Often times, the fire causes loss of property or in tragic events, even life. When a fire destroys your business, it becomes a huge personal and economic setback. In the immediate aftermath, one of the few comforts you may have is the belief that your insurance company will cover the damage to your property. Unfortunately, fires all too often lead to intense, stressful disputes with the insurance company about the validity and value of the claim for fire loss — especially when a valid insurance claim is unjustifiably denied.

Holding insurance companies fully accountable to their obligations under their policies is a key mission for our accomplished team of attorneys at The Cartwright Law Firm. We have witnessed insurance companies habitually deny valid claims without explanation.

Several insurance companies have a history of blaming home and business owners for the loss and often times go to great lengths to hire “special investigators” to find reasons to blame the homeowner or business owner for the loss.

Our fire damage insurance claim dispute attorneys have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and understand the tactics insurance companies often employ to avoid payment.

As proven, knowledgeable fire damage claim dispute attorneys, we can make a real difference in your ability to rebuild your property and your life after a catastrophic event such as a fire. Our staff is ready and willing to take your call to talk you through this experience and the legal options you may have for recovering just and fair compensation from your insurance company.

Our experience and capabilities cover:

  • Total loss claims resulting from the destruction of homes and businesses by fire
  • Cases involving the insured person’s death in a house fire, requiring legal representation on behalf of the estate to recover compensation for the extensive property damage
  • Disputes involving the insurer’s failure to investigate the fire loss promptly and thoroughly
  • Cases requiring extensive involvement of independent engineers, contractors, adjusters and property valuation experts to counter biased, invalid estimates and excuses presented by the insurance company
  • Fighting against unfair treatment and insurance bad faith

Fire Damage

How Can An Insurance Dispute Attorney Help?

If you file a claim that is not denied initially, your insurance company will likely launch an investigation to determine the cause of the fire, the extent of the damage, and the value of the claim. Insurance companies have a history of blaming homeowners and business owners for the loss sustained to the home or business, and may go to great lengths to hire “special investigators” to find reasons to justify that blame. Our insurance dispute attorneys work with trained professionals, experts, investigators, independent adjusters and other resources, which allow us to perform separate assessments regarding the fire loss. These can then be used in negotiations and settlements with the insurance company, should a dispute arise. Our experts can determine the cause of the fire, estimate the value of assets lost in the fire, uncover the extent of the home damage that may be overlooked by the insurer, and estimate the value of your claim.

How Could A Valid Fire Insurance Claim possibly Get Denied?

Insurance companies are not in the business to pay claims. As a for-profit entity, it is in the insurance company’s best interest to avoid payouts on claims to policyholders; however, they must have a justifiable reason for denying a claim. Many states have adopted the Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act (UCSPA), which aims to protect policyholders from wrongful or deceitful actions of their insurers. However, even with the UCSPA in place in many states, insurance companies routinely find reasons to deny the claim or undervalue the damage as a result of the loss.

Common unfair claims handling include:

  • Undervaluing damaged property
  • Allegations of arson
  • Failure to investigate in a timely manner
  • Denial of a total loss claim despite having supporting evidence
  • Threats to the insured in an attempt to lower payout
  • A clear violation of the insurance policy terms.

There are many specific types of illegal insurance conduct, nevertheless, insurers still attempt to use prohibited strategies and tactics such as:

  • Hiring biased investigators motivated by their own financial gain to file reports that protect insurers from paying what they owe
  • Denying claims and coverage without a reasonable investigation and basis, or withholding or unreasonably delaying payments to the insured
  • Throwing unreasonable obstacles in the way of the insured’s attempt to recover and protect the value of the home or businesses

If the insurance company has denied, undervalued or delayed payment of your fire damage claim, please contact us now at The Cartwright Law Firm. Our goal is to obtain fair settlements for the insured that help recover and rebuild after such a devasting loss. Our attorneys are committed to helping homeowners and business owners recover the compensation to which they are entitled.



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